Kimihiko Yamagishi

Graduate School of Decision Science & Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ohokayama 2-12-1, Meguro, Tokyo 152-8552, JAPAN
PHONE & TELEFAX : +81 - 3 - 5734 - 2256

E-Mail: kimihiko* (Please change * into @)

Research Interests
I'm intrigued by the following puzzles in human behavior. First, why is it hard to decide wisely? Second, why do we perceive & understanding the world as what really isn't so (physically or logically)? As a cognitive and decision scientist by training, I pursue these interests by using concepts and tools developed in the area (controlled experimentation, survey, statistical and mathematical modeling).

Most Recent Research Interests
"Estimating 'Evaluability' in the Evaluability Hypothesis of Preference Reversals"

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Representative Publications

Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan
B. A. in Human Sciences, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, 1984.
M. A. in Social Psychology, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, 1987.
Ph. D. in Cognitive Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, 1995.

Positions Held
Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, 1994.
Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Keio University, 1995.
Assistant Professor, School of Business & Environment, Shukutoku University, 1996
Associate Professor, School of Business & Environment, Shukutoku University, 1996-1999.
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Decision Science & Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2000-Present.


Distinguished Paper Award, The 2003 Annual Conference of Japan Psychological Association
Distinguished Paper Award, The 2006 Annual Conference of Japan Psychological Association
Special Award, The 2012 AnnualConference of Japan Cognitive Science Society

Professioanal Affiliations

Applicants for Yamagishi Laboratory via Tokyo Tech international application procedure are supposed to have earned twelve course credits (undergraduate or equivalent) of psychology and related fields, except for clinical psychology. Credits of psychology experimental lab are not strictly required but highly encouraged. Applications without fulfillment of these requirements are at risk of outright rejection. In addition, members of Yamagishi laboratory, regardless of nationality, are expected to carry out independent research of their own. Conducting independent research implies running their own experiments or surveys recruiting locally available participant pool, i.e., Japanese participants. Therefore Japanese proficiency at the level of handling such data collection counts as another desideratum.

Notice for Prospective Research Student applicants

I enjoy traveling, swimming, & listening to jazz. One of my complaints is that academic conferences in my area tend to meet in major cities in "industrialized" nations. Frequenting those meetings is fine, but I would not oppose against having occasional meetings in "pre-developed" regions rich with wildlife and cultures unfamiliar to me thus far.

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